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“2021” is a special treat for fans of eighties hardcore punk music.

Thanks to Moe Cash of The Sunday Matinee Show at

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2021

Skism - 2021

Skism is a band from New York City, featuring members from The Krays, American Eagle, Wrench, and the Mad Mulligans. On their Facebook page, the band describe themselves as an “anti-social, angst ridden, hyperactive punks who pound out driving music with screaming vocals, fast guitars and pounding drums, with old school punk, hardcore and oi influences.” Their latest release titled “2021”, is published by Rotten Bastard Records and features 9 songs that are guaranteed to get you all fired up! Listing off the issue of the day with loud guitars, pounding drums, and harsh vocals, the songs are short and to-the-point. The band does a great job combining hardcore punk with the classic British punk sound. My personal favorite, “Nomad”, has a killer D.O.A. guitar style with a 7-Seconds like chorus. “Can’t stay long, I’m on the move. Can’t play right, out of the groove. Don’t even care, nothing to lose. Can’t stay long, I’m on the move”. “2021” is a special treat for fans of eighties hardcore punk music. The overall sound of this release reminds me of the bands like, Iron Cross, Wrecking Crew, Supertouch, and Warzone. If you are a fan of any of these bands, give Skism a listen, you won’t be disappointed! The “2021” CD is available on Rotten Bastard Records, and digitally on Bandcamp. Posted by MoeCash at 6:24 PM

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