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The Old Stuff

Yes, we finally decided to make the old  CD's Available for download...

For better or worse, we've had some inquiries into how to get the old CD's. Well, unfortunately they are out of print, but we're doing the next best thing and putting them online for download. 

It had been quite a debate on whether or not to release all  the released music from the old days, but we decided the best was to do it is to release them as they were originally, the good, the bad, the ugly and the WFT?!

Listening and downloading are FREE, but if you want to contribute some support we'd appreciate it.



Pain and Pain

The Demo that started it all...

Released in 1989 then re-released on CD in 1993, This is the original Skism "Demo" Featuring The original versions of "Pain and Pain" and "Eyes" with members Eric Morgan, Pedro Felix and Wynn Skism as well as Pete Melucci on guitar on "the Sullen."



Skism's Second Release...

Released in 2001, Skism went back into the recording room and let their creative side loose creating the "Schism" CD with 12 new songs. (Or at least new in 1991)


Flesh and Blood

Skism's Final release until the 2021 comeback...

In 2002 we decided to do a follow-up to the "Schism" CD and released "Flesh and Blood." In some ways' it was a CD of it's time and in others it seemed like something that seemed to have no place to fit in at all. The "Flesh and Blood" CD has 16 songs including a remake of "Singled Out The Kids" and a Live Version of "Pain and Pain" with an much different feel from what you may ne used to.

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