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But Hell! This tune is so great that I don’t mind proclaiming its virtues once again.

Skism – “2021”

A schism is “a division between people, usually belonging to an organization, movement or religious denomination.” “Skism” describe themselves as “anti-social, angst ridden, hyperactive punks who pound out driving music with screaming vocals, fast guitars and pounding drums, with old school punk, hardcore and Oi influences.” I describe Skism as a New York hardcore/punk/Oi band though, in my “estima-quatation”, I feel comfortable simply calling them an Oi band. And being such an early punk fan- Well, you gotta love the Oi, I feel as well. And- Oh, boy! Oh, Oi! I do! Well, after I tend to my unseemly, unfortunate mishap in my underpants, just now. Let me tell you how I found out about this band. Recently, I reviewed a great comp for an even greater cause called- “No One Left Behind: A Benefit To Save The Stage At Lucky 13.” Lucky 13 is a club in Brooklyn, New York that supports punk music while needing support during these covid times in continuing to be able to do so. I became familiar with a lot of great bands from that comp such as Cherry Pop, the Mad Mulligans (both who I’ve since reviewed their fine releases) along with becoming familiar with several other great bands. Plus, my favorite Rhode Island hardcore band, Reason To Fight is on this comp along with my favorite New York hardcore band, Live Fast Die Fast, too. But let’s check out Skism as there is no division in my mind, that this is some pretty, great stuff- I suppose the title could’ve been “Pleasure & Pain” but “it’s not- face it it’s not.” It is, in fact, called “Pain & Pain.” This song takes a more caustic, realistic view of life and has already been reviewed by me, recently, by the aforementioned band Mad Mulligans. (You see, some of those mad folks are in this band, also.) But Hell! This tune is so great that I don’t mind proclaiming its virtues once again. I wrote- “This song is a great mix of hardcore and Oi with a buzzsaw guitar and emphatic, shouting vocals.” “Whatever made you think life is fair?” The lyrics state and- Yes, it’s not- I’ll face it, it’s not. But sometimes you get songs as great as this as a consolation. “Agent Orange” shoots out like a full blown blast of insecticide, not with the notion of knocking bugs dead, but maybe annihilating the many poisonous, ignorant thoughts that society creates. Grinding guitars, intensely, earnest vocals and a boisterous beat creates a potent song full of energy, emotion and anger. “How much is it really worth? Slowly dying and scorched earth… When the last man is dead and gone. We’ll just say that life goes on.” This is a great tune that just destroys! With a four chord garage rock beat bolstered with a Ramones like blistering guitar, “Nomad” invigorates with elevating energy, what with its shout-a-long eight syllables, four word lyric lines. “Old cat, combat, old strat, do that…Door mat, dead cat, club brat, aristocrat.” This is followed by a melodic, rockin’ chorus- “I can’t stay long I’m on the move. I can’t play right, out of the groove. I don’t even care, nothing to lose. ‘Cause I’m a nomad.” This is such a fun, unique, boppin’ tune so full of wild energy and joy that it becomes my favorite one on this release. “Outside The Club” is a funny song and one that hits so true that you have to figure that the writer truly experienced the story he is telling. “It’s so cold, my jacket’s inside. Can’t get back in although I tried. Was it the fight or the stage dive? I’ve been banned for the night.” So this poor soul probably has to wait for his ride while his friends continue to have fun inside. “Fucking cold outside this club” while he “Should have thought better this night. Should have had a little foresight.” Tragic but funny tale with a nice, trebly bass line that might not contain a happy ending but ends this terrific release with another great song. Please buy the “No One Left Behind Comp”- I swear that I did. Please support all your local venues, especially strong, when they reopen as it appears that shortly, they will. “There is a light at the end of the tunnel,” though, I’m quite unsure if younger readers will know that reference. It means- “Hang in there, we’ll get through these hard times, hope is on the horizon.” Oh, no! And as Britney says, “Oops, I did it again!”

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