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Capitol Lies gets it's first review in In Effect Hardcore

Capitol Lies gets it's first review in In Effect Hardcore

SKISM “CAPITOL LIES” (Rotten Bastard Records, Released January, 2022) Skism is the brainchild of one Wynn Skism from Brooklyn, NY and this band has roots that go back to the late 1980’s where they had a self-released CD out titled “Pain And Pain”. Fast forward a few decades (wait, did he actually just say decades?) and from the ashes of the quarantine came the rebirth of Skism when they released their 9 song “2021” EP last February. Well kids, some old punks just won’t die and we are happy to report that Skism are back for another run here in the year of our Lord, 2022. Skism’s DIY bio-packet covers all the things we need to know in the “write your own review” department with the disclaimer of “Skism is an anti-social, angst ridden, hyperactive punks who pound out driving music with screaming vocals, fast guitars and pounding drums, featuring players who played in The Krays, American Eagle, Wrench and Mad Mulligans”. That is a pretty eclectic mix of bands with Wynn scooping up his drummer Mike Palmeri from “acid doom metal” band Wrench and Mad Mulligans’ guitarist Albee Damned to help on “Capitol Lies” which comes at us with 9 tracks that will cost you about 20 minutes of your busy day. “Trying To Get On” lives up to their self-billing with a fast beat and killer guitar sound that feels like it climbed out of a grimey NYC dumpster. Add in some of those screamed vocals that they were promising us and you get a great opening track. Other standouts here are track four in “Broken” and track eight in “Shovelhead” which harken back to mid-80’s style hardcore and in particular the Big City “One Big Crowd” compilation which featured Sheer Terror in their early, more punk stages as well as a bunch of other old-school hardcore bands where the “punk” in “hardcore punk” was most definitely at the forefront. Overall, “Capitol Lies” delivers some hits with the previously mentioned tracks while others are serviceable but don’t really “grab me” as much as. A punk’d up cover of “Runaround Sue” by Dion And The Belmonts and the more rockabilly vibed “You” offer up some changes of pace here which I applaud as well. Although “Capital Lies” is getting sort of a mixed review here I could easily see myself having a great time seeing them at some dive bar on a Friday night after work with a Guinness or other adult beverage in hand while Skism hold court in front of a hometown crowd. Available now to stream via Bandcamp with CD versions out on January 28th through Rotten Bastard Records. -CW

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