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Sometimes you just need to scream and smash your fists against the wall and that’s what Skism is.

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

4/2/2021 - Skism Gets a Great Article in Punktuation Magazine

Skism Screams Life Into ‘2021’ With Some Old School Punk

  • The location: New York City, New York

  • The sound: Punk, Hardcore, Oi

  • The line-up: Wynn Skism with Albee Damned & Mike Palmeri

  • The comparison: Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Motorhead, Cockney Rejects, Dead Kennedys

  • Punktuation pick: Pain and Pain

Sometimes you just need to scream and smash your fists against the wall and that’s what Skism is.

Welcome to the rebirth of hardcore and Oi! Finding New York punk rockers Skism is like finding a long-lost compilation of recordings from your favourite ’80s UK Oi punk bands and ’80’s hardcore U.S. Punk. You know, the ones that changed your music taste for life.

Their style of aggressive punk drives home every track with screaming vocals, frantic guitars and belting drums, creating the frenzy that old school hardcore injected into your bloodstream.

During the pandemic in the New York City area, clubs, bars and even rehearsal/recording studios were in lockdown This is when Skism’s abum “2021” began.

Featuring members from The Krays, American Eagle, WRENCH and Mad Mulligans Skism wear their influences on their sleeves. This doesn’t mean they sound like a bunch of guys reliving their past. They have captured the very essence that the L.A. and UK punk scenes of yore and brought it to a generation searching for more than what was being fed to them on mass commercial radio.

The album 2021 has brought their anti-social, angst-ridden, hyperactive punk into the world at a time where listeners are searching for more. 2021 contains 9 songs of old school punk with strong hardcore and Oi influences.

Skism is the solo project of Wynn Skism who over the years has played in bands from the punk band the Krays, Oi band American Eagle and even the Acid Doom Metal band WRENCH in which he currently plays bass. He has enlisted Albee Damned on Guitar and Mike Palmeri on drums to bring the Skism vision to life.

Recording began with a new song Knocked Down with a 40, followed by Pain and Pain which was a new recording of an original Skism song. This set the tone for some angst-filled, upfront and uncomplicated songs, that creates an aggressive feel with influences from the shittiness of existence and the escapism of horror movies.

It’s not just musical influence that embraces their hardcore roots. Lyrically their songs are brutally honest and cut deep. They sing of pointless destruction in Agent Orange, cowardly bigotry in U.S. Nazis Fuck Off And Die and the struggle of social equality in Pain and Pain. Every track captures some form of life’s malaise.

The band have just hit the airwaves but have captured something that the world is looking for once again. Answers, acceptance, respect, release.

You can listen to Skism on all streaming platforms.

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