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Rotten Bastard Records releases Skism "2021"

New York — February 8th 2021 — Rotten Bastard Records releases “2021” by Skism

9 driving songs of angst with fast guitars, pounding drums and screaming vocals.

Skism 2021 is a fast-paced EP that pushes out some aggressive songs, that have old school Punk, Hardcore and Oi influences. Featuring players who worked with The Krays, American Eagle, WRENCH and Mad Mulligans, Skism had earned their old school cred.

With an eclectic mix of angst, social commentary, and horror themed lyrics, from the new recording of the 1989 Skism release “Pain and Pain” to the commentary of the 2021 election “U.S. Nazis Fuck Off and Die” and life experience songs “Knocked Down With A 40” and “Outside The Club” the fast pace with the song lengths largely between 1:30 and 2:00 minutes you get in and out quickly and left wanting more.

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