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This release will be a special treat for the fans of streetpunk sound.

Thanks to Djordje of Thoughts Words Action ( for the tantastic review and description of the Skism "2021" CD. He even mentioned a little bit of or past. Link:

Skism – 2021 CD (Rotten Bastard Records)

This release will be a special treat for the fans of streetpunk sound. Skism is a longstanding streetpunk/Oi! band from New York City that roams the scene since the late eighties. It seems that the group operates as a well-kept secret of the New York City streetpunk scene, judging by the lack of information about their discography, but what I found out is that the group has a couple of releases in their back catalog. Since their formation, Skism released a debut mini-album Pain & Pain, a self-titled full-length and Flesh And Blood CD. The group consists of musicians who previously or still perform in bands such as American Eagle, Wrench, Mad Mulligans, and The Krays. The group recently released another full-length material named 2021, published by Rotten Bastard Records.

The visual identity of this particular release is the first thing that caught my eye. Skism unquestionably differs from a majority of other streetpunk/Oi! groups, mainly because of their visual aesthetics. The group nurtures classic horror thematics, similar to those seen on the posters for the Italian horror movies from the seventies. This imagery also resembles some visuals for streetpunk/punk vinyl records, released during the eighties. The cover artwork showcases the minimalistic scenery of an open window, photo-manipulated and colored in blood-red tones. You’ll notice a band logo with a spider located at the upper right corner, while the lower right corner carries the album title. The backside of the sleeve includes a tracklist and all the necessary information.

Soundwise, Skism demonstrates their version of streetpunk sound. Perhaps this material explores both old school and contemporary music, but there are some other subgenres included along the way. Skism leans towards eighties hardcore punk and classic British punk rock in so many cases, and the group handles these elements pretty well. These experimentations with various ingredients are revealing a more aggressive side of the group, especially during the fast-paced numbers where the group appears as unstoppable bone-crushing machinery. Nevertheless, the group gets back to moderate tempos with such ease, where the elements such as streetpunk and classic punk rock are more hearable. These experimentations suit them well and the entire band sounds like a charm from scratch to finish.

Skism also nurtures a slightly abrasive sound that mimics some classic streetpunk/Oi! recordings. These sonic aesthetics are enhancing the ferociousness of the band on an entirely new level. Guitars are offering four-chord progressions and robust riffages all the way through, but you may stumble upon some other guitar maneuvers as well. The bass guitar liberates an equal amount of power through crystal clear low-end tones. These basslines are leaving a unique mark on this recording. The solid drumming is mainly responsible for the dynamics of this material, so you can hear series of thoughtfully arranged rhythmic sequences, accentuations, and fills. You’ll notice how the singer is adding another layer of aggression with his roaring shoutouts, but he’s singing with so much sense for balance.

This material will be such a treat for those who’re looking out for Oi! music decorated with generous servings of feral hardcore punk sound. Skism liberates tremendous dosages of power throughout the entire material, so you’ll be surprised with their aggression and abrasiveness. This material comes on a compact disc, housed in a regular CD sleeve. Head over to Rotten Bastard Records for more detailed information about ordering.

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